Why We’re Unique


Our goal is to create beautiful, healthy smiles for our patients that will last a lifetime!

  • Dr. Rafati has been successfully practicing orthodontics since 1997 with a very experienced and caring staff.

  • We use a motivational program and reward system to help our patients keep up with good oral hygiene during treatment.

  • We have affordable treatment options including no down payment and interest-free payments within two years.

  • Safety and comfort are of the utmost importance in our practice. We strictly follow the guidelines set by the CDC and the California Dental Association. Universal precaution has been the hallmark of our practice and will remain essential as a top priority. However, under the umbrella of universal precaution, we have formulated a new patient treatment model consistent with social distancing guidelines.

  • Air born contagion primarily spreads by aerosol generation in dental practices. We have limited the use of dental handpiece and the air-water syringe in the clinic to avoid generating aerosols.

  • We have acquired two medical-grade purifiers that will go above and beyond what is required by regulatory agencies at this time:

    1. Medical-grade air purifier system with hyper HEPA filtration that filters 99.5% of all particles down to 0.003 microns (10x smaller than a virus) and can purify the air in the clinic 8-10 times an hour.

    2. Air purifier with a photocatalytic oxidation technology that actively purifies the air and sanitizes the surfaces throughout the indoor environment. It disperses air-cleaning molecules into the environment, a continuous of multi-clustered ions, which attach and destroy contaminants and pathogens. This purifier is safe for both humans and animals. It kills viruses and bacteria in the air and on the surfaces by more than 99.6%.

  • To facilitate communication between the patients and staff, the office phone number is now text enabled to receive a text and respond to requests and appointments. Our communication will be through text, email, and phone.

  • Patients no longer need to fill out forms in the office. Our office will send all future forms to the patients via email. These forms are fillable and sign abled and can be sent back to us via email.

Rafati Orthodontics

  • Rafati Orthodontics - 827 Blossom Hill Rd., Suite E2, San Jose, CA 95123 Phone: 408-226-1234

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